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Mail with link to release purchase req./order/contracts

Use emails instead of complicated workflows!
Run the modul within only one day, Release or Reject direct from the secure email link via Internet.
You are able to run this tool for purchase requisitions, purchase orders or contracts.

Save time for building up complicated workflows.
You are able to release several collect items with one click from the tracking module.


Check against your stock amount. The system is able to create direct a reservation.


Direct and secure access to your SAP® system via internet for vendors, customers and employees without the requirement of any additional platform. External users need only their web-browser. You only need your basic SAP® system. Nearly all SAP® transactions can be made available via internet. Secure access via „http“- or. „https“- protocol. The tool complies with all classic SAP® roles and authorizations for the background user. You can freely define the access to SAP® transactions, the menus and buttons for each user group.