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Close Purchase Orders

Brief description
The tools generates a report and it allows for a selection and massive closure of open orders.
Setting also automatically  the Delivery completed flag and Final invoice flag  the tool proceed with
clearing all the pending commitments. This the pre-condition for a later archival.

Furthermore, the tool can generate reports to display the monthly, quarterly or yearly
budgeted reserve to be used in financial statements.
The tools considers all the items of all orders and not only those posted in the GR/IR account.
Every firm has to cope with this process and carry all the tasks in the most efficient way.
Every controlling and finance department needs accurate figures in regards to liabilities to proceed
with the budget planning and also for the final budget.


  • Budget revision possible through pending commitments clearing
  • Massive data processing in dialog mode or job mode (automatic mode)
  • Huge time saving compared with single evaluation and single order closure
  • Comfortable results mask visualization through the ALV-Layout
  • Straightforward assessment of the current pending commitments
  • Clearing the commitments allows to determine tax reserves and payments due monthly
  • Old and no more valid material groups, payment conditions, G/L accounts, orders or WBS elements will be replaced by the valid objects
  • The tool allows to accomplish the pre-condition for massive archival storage -> only items
    without any pending commitment could be archived
  • Buyers could use the tool even if they do not possess the authorizations to change the orders
  • Archival storage with control e-mail to predefined users (4 eyes principle)
  • An easy visualization of the results allows a faster assessment of the differences of the values also through a currency exchange function
  • Easy to use, no additional training required
  • Save your investment, upward release compatible, multilingual

 Technical details

  • integrated solution in SAP® – Add-In
  • Internet use: only SAP® ERP release and Add-In Portal from Konzmann necessary
  • Modification free ABAP® Coding for 4.70, ERP 5.0 / 6.0 and higher with all EHP
  • Extendable with user exits
  • Installation and customizing in one day for each module
  • Via Transport direct into your SAP® system
  • No IT follow-up and no upgrades necessary
  • Worldwide reserved programme name space within SAP®
  • No additional hardware, no additional operating system and no additional IT maintenance