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Request For Quotation/ E-Auction | Package Basic

The functionality for RFI and RFQ expands significant your request process in SAP®.
You are able to define own calculation scheme and exchange documents with your vendors.
Your vendors need only an email address to enter via web browser offers themselves.
Your SAP system is sufficient.

  1. Create requests for quotation directly from your purchase requisitions and complete the requests attaching all documents required. The system will send the requests via email in the language of the vendors.
  2. After directly registering and qualifying in internet through your SAP® system. The vendors will be able to create their offers and then once created they could enter offers themselves into your SAP® System.
  3. Offers analysis function, also based on scale prices directly in your SAP® with the option of creating in one click: purchase requisition, purchase order, info record or contract.

Vendor self-registration process and the possibilty to run the application in two languages are also included in the BASIC package.

Installation time of complete package: 5 days